La-Laguna  *Our Signature* - Chè Nếp Than Phủ Kem     4.75              Steamed purple sticky rice pudding with crunchy and chewy textures.  
Topped vanilla ice cream    

Apple Turnover – Bánh Táo Phủ Kem 4.75                                           
Crispy and flaky apple filled pastry.  Topped with vanilla ice cream    

Coconut Pandan Crème Brulee –  Vị Dừa, Lá Dứa     4.75
Enrich with house custard.Topped with a contrasting layer of      hard caramel. With coconut and  pandan leave flavors    

Deep fried  Banana Spring roll -

Banh Chuoi Chien Phu Kem    5.50
Fried banana spring roll topped with vanilla ice cream.