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Chateau Specialties

Chateau Steak in Sizzling Pot – Cơm Bò Lúc Lắc Tay Cam
Marinated filet mignon cubes tossed in firing wok with onion, and peppers.
Served in sizzling hot clay pot with jasmine rice & topped with fried egg.

Teriyaki Salmon or Shrimps – Cá Hồi hoặc Tôm Nướng Teriyaki
Fresh Atlantic salmon fillet or shrimps marinated in house teriyaki sauce, grilled to perfection.
Served with jasmine rice and vegetables.

House Fried Rice – Cơm Chiên
Wok stir-fry with jasmine rice, onion & egg.
Choice of BBQ pork | chicken | shrimp | combo    

Imperial Spicy Beef Noodle Soup – Bún Bò Huế
Savory and spicy soup with lemongrass & chili topped with
tender slices of beef, pork & fresh herbs. Paired with a side of
fresh bean sprouts and vegetables.

Treasure Boat Combo – Bánh Tráng Cuốn Combo
Adventurous boat filled with assorted grilled beef, pork, chicken &
shrimps on a bed of lettuce, vermicelli & herbs, ready to be rolled w/ rice paper.
Served with house chili lime sauce.

Bánh Mì Combo
Crusty French baguette slathered with garlic mayo, cucumber, cilantro,
jalapeno, pickled daikon & carrot. Served with a side of fries.
Choice of grilled pork | beef | chicken | marinated tofu

Viet Beef Stew – Bò Kho
Savory tender beef, slow cooked in an aromatic broth.
Choice of french baguette | pho noodle | egg noodle  

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